Embark Iconmbark is a new literary journal designed for novelists and featuring exclusively novel beginnings—those crucial first pages that must engage the reader’s attention and often receive more polishing than any other part of the book. We believe that crafting the opening of a novel is an art in itself, and that reading beginnings can be both inspiring and delightful. If you prefer novels to short stories, love collecting first sentences, and enjoy reading the opening pages of any book that comes to hand, Embark is for you! And if you’re a writer working on your first or fifth or fifteenth book, Embark offers you a chance to share your latest project with fellow writers and readers.

Issues of Embark will be released quarterly on this website. Our inaugural, July 2017 issue is now available here! Every issue includes ten novel beginnings, each accompanied by a brief statement that might offer a summary of the plot, the intentions behind the novel, a meditation on its theme—whatever the author feels is most important or meaningful about the project.

We welcome submissions from writers of every genre, but our emphasis is on high-quality prose—writing of exceptional elegance that can introduce a story with grace and power. For more information, please go to our Submission Guidelines.

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