Contributor News

August 2018

Judith Haranauthor of THE ICE-MAKER’S DAUGHTER (featured in Embark, July 2017)—has had a scholarly article published in the Journal of Contemporary Archival Studies called “The Nuremberg Trials Project at Harvard Law School: Making History Accessible to All.” Congratulations, Judith!

July 2018

Jonathan Freeman-Coppadge has signed with literary agent Chris Kepner of The Kepner Agency, who will be representing Jonathan’s novel The World Is Mine (featured in Embark, April 2018). Chris first encountered Jonathan’s pitches in #DVpit and then read the first chapter in Embark before requesting the full manuscript and eventually making an offer. Congratulations to both Jonathan and Chris on this wonderful news!

Bill Mesce—author of MEDIAN GRAY (featured in Embark, July 2017)—is in the process of signing with the academic publisher McFarland Books for a book celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the release of Sam Peckinpah’s controversial Western The Wild Bunch. Bill’s novel Four Days to Trinity was published this month by Endeavour Press. He also recently signed with Unsolicited Press for Collected Works by the late playwright, poet, and fiction writer Sean Michael Rice; the book will come out this September. Congratulations on all counts, Bill!

T. M. De Vos—author of YEAR OF WOMEN (featured in Embark, October 2017)—has received the Paper Darts short fiction award, judged by the writer Carmen Maria Machado, for her story “The Wrong Sort of Woman.” She has also had a short story called “Blue Whale” published in Tinge Magazine and was a semifinalist in The Same’s fiction contest, with publication pending. Congratulations on these accomplishments, T. M.!

Anna Scotti—author of L.A. WINTER (featured in Embark, January 2018)—has had a poem called “Tanager” reprinted recently in Lunch Ticket. A selection of her poems has been awarded an Honorable Mention by judge Patricia Smith for the Pablo Neruda prize; these poems will appear in the Fall 2018 issue of Nimrod International Journal. Anna’s unpublished collection, Bewildered by All This Broken Sky, was named a finalist for the 2018 Louise Bogan Award offered by Trio House Press. Two of her poems, originally published in The Comstock Review, appear currently at isacoustic*Her poem “Then Fall Again” will appear in an upcoming issue of The New Yorker. Several of her stories will appear in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, beginning with the November/December issue, on sale in October. Congratulations on all this good news, Anna!

June 2018

Greenest Branch eBook Cover LargeP. K. Adams is releasing her historical novel The Greenest Branch this month! The opening of this novel, which is set in the 12th century and tells the story of Hildegard of Bingen, Germany’s first female physician, was featured in Embark in October 2017. Congratulations, P. K.!

 May 2018

Derek Heckman—author of A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO COMING BACK FROM THE DEAD (featured in Embark, July 2017)—has had a story called “On Ethics in Monster-Making” published by The Furious Gazelle. Congratulations, Derek!

Judith Haranauthor of THE ICE-MAKER’S DAUGHTER (featured in Embark, July 2017)—has written a blog post for Harvard Law School called “Voting with Your Feet? Better Check Protocol First,” an addendum to the HLS Scanning Nuremberg series. Congratulations, Judith!

Jane Deon—author of FIERCE COUNTRY (featured in Embark, January 2018)—has had a story called “Goodbye July” published in the second issue of Manzano Mountain Review. Congratulations, Jane!

April 2018

Jo-Anne Rosen—author of A MAP OF THE MIND (featured in Embark, July 2017)—has had a story called “The Nymphs at the Vagabond Motel” published in the Poydras Review. Congratulations, Jo-Anne!

Sandra Miller—author of THE JOURNEY ITSELF (featured in Embark, April 2018)—has had one of her blog posts, entitled “How Writing Fiction Can Free Physicians,” reposted on the popular medical-social site Congratulations, Sandra!

William Reichard—author of SUN, MOON, STARS (featured in Embark, January 2018)—is having a book of poetry published by Brighthorse Books later in 2018. The collection, entitled The Night Horse: New and Selected Poems, will include selections from his first five books of poetry as well as new work. Congratulations, William!

Peter Selgin—author of THE WATER MASTER (featured in Embark, April 2018)—has recently published a book on the art of writing first pages, entitled Your First Page (Serving House Books, 2017), which has also been the subject of a weekly column on the writer Jane Friedman’s website. It will certainly be of interest to novelists submitting to Embark!

Kenneth Robbins—author of SKUNK: AN AMERICAN LIFE FROM CONCEPTION TO COMMENCEMENT (featured in Embark, April 2018)—will have his one-character play, The Audition, produced in London in July 2018. This will be the first time his play has been performed in the UK. Congratulations, Ken!

Jeff Perso—author of WATER BODIES (featured in Embark, July 2017)—has had another chapter of that novel accepted by the Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal. The chapter, entitled “Now, Lend Me Your Horse,” will appear in Twisted Vine‘s forthcoming issue. Congratulations, Jeff!

Derek Heckman—author of A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO COMING BACK FROM THE DEAD (featured in Embark, July 2017)—has had a story, titled “Accidents,” published in the latest issue of The Collapsar. Congratulations, Derek!

January 2018

Dallas Woodburn—author of GHOST FINGERS (featured in Embark, January 2018)—has won Yellow Flag Press’s Cypress & Pine Fiction Award for 2018 with her debut short-story collection, Woman, Running Late, in a Dress. The collection will be released in March. Congratulations, Dallas!

Siân Griffiths—author of SCRAPPLE (featured in Embark, January 2018)—has a story called “Wooden Spoons” in the current Cincinnati Review, as well as an essay in the current Indiana Review. Congratulations on these accomplishments, Siân!

Bill Mesce—author of MEDIAN GRAY (featured in Embark, July 2017)—recently signed with the UK e-publisher Endeavour Press for his novel Four Days to Trinity, a suspense thriller touching on themes of race, intolerance, and the cultural divide currently plaguing the U.S.  Additionally, his short story “The Drowned Man” was just accepted by The Valparaiso Fiction Review for publication this summer. Congratulations, Bill!

Mahmud Rahman has had a chapter of his novel THE FICTION FACTORY published at The Write Launch. The opening of this novel was featured in Embark in October 2017. Congratulations, Mahmud!

November 2017

Jo-Anne Rosenauthor of A MAP OF THE MIND (featured in Embark, July 2017)—has had a story called “The Dude Who Stole Her New Shoes” published by the online literary magazine Five on the Fifth. Congratulations, Jo-Anne!

October 2017

Karla Stover has sold her book Wynters Way to BWL Publishing, Inc., a Canadian publishing house. The opening of this novel was featured in Embark in October 2017. Congratulations, Karla!

Jeff Perso has been named a Finalist for the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Novel Prize, for his book WATER BODIES. The opening of this novel was featured in Embark in July 2017. Congratulations, Jeff!

Catfish CoverMadelyn Bennett Edwards has released her debut novel, Catfish, about a young girl growing up in Louisiana in the 1960s. The opening of this novel was featured in Embark in October 2017, and you can find out more about where to buy the book on Madelyn’s website. Congratulations, Maddy!

Bill Mesce—author of MEDIAN GRAY (featured in Embark, July 2017)—has recently had two books published: a novel, Legacy, released by Impress Books, and a nonfiction book called The Rules of Screenwriting and Why You Should Break Them (McFarland). Next month, the online literary magazine Ovunque Siamo, which publishes fiction and essays relevant to the Italian/American, will be running his short story “Furlough, November 1944.” Lastly, the site Shore Scripts, dedicated to the craft of screenwriting, has run three of his essays. Congratulations on all of these accomplishments, Bill!